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Hosted Here is the go-to platform for creatives to host and attend intentional events to genuinely connect with others and enjoy a fulfilling life. Through the combination of inspiring stories from creatives and a streamlined event platform, Hosted Here sparks curiosity, genuine connections and new experiences.

The brand identity reflects an editorial feel through a sans-serif logotype, modern minimalistic website and hand-drawn illustrations. We wanted the logo to feel polished and high-end, while still warm & accessible to emulate a feel of community. The website was a huge component in the project as we collaborated very closely with the Hosted Here team to create a user friendly platform for both the hosts & attendees. Our goal was to create a seamless event creation process for the host and increase their discoverability in order to grow their business. We wanted attendees to easily find events that interests them, while nurturing community with others with the same interests. 

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Hosted Here logomark
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