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You have a vision,
a unique perspective, a
big idea

We partner with you to showcase your vision through brand identities that inspire and engage your audience.

Milki Chocolate

Brand Strategy

Custom Rate


You started your business because you have a vision of how your product can make someone's life better or more exciting. But how do you talk about it with your audience in a way that's captivating? We'll craft your brand's personality and solidify it into messaging that you can use at every touch point. It's the solid foundation to base all of your visual assets and the boost of confidence for you to connect with your audience so that you can build a lasting relationship with them. 

Brand Identity

Custom Rate


Your logo is the first impression of your brand and one of the most vital design assets that creates trust with your audience. We'll discuss the creative direction of your brand and design an effective logo that communicates your core values. A brand style guide is included with everything you need to know to confidently implement all visual assets for your brand. 

Web Design

Custom Rate


We'll claim your online presence with a website that is beautiful and effective in telling your brand's story. This is where we'll use the crafted messaging from our brand strategy deck and implement a smooth user experience so that we can beautifully showcase your brand. Site architecture, SEO strategy/implementation and two weeks of maintenance are included so that your website is running seamlessly after the launch.

Packaging Design

Custom Rate


The opening ceremony of your packaging design adds to the brand experience and informs your audience of the specially made item in their hand. Because you have worked so hard on making your product the best it can be, we will definitely reflect your efforts on the packaging design that draws your audience in and makes them excited to be a part of your brand's tribe.


Fictorium is a one stop shop for your business branding and packaging needs. Kristy has a seamless process of guiding the client through each step to ensure the client's branding story comes to life. From brand strategy, to logo, to designing a website, and design packaging, your company or business will be equipped with a strong branding that is built to make a lasting impact.  


I cannot speak more highly of Kristy, her professionalism, attention to detail, and relatability is why she was the ideal person to help with my business web design and logo. She is passionate about supporting small to big businesses and her design style is refreshing, eye-catching, and communicates a story that others can relate to.

Cindy Shu



You started your business because you have a vision and a big idea. We believe in your idea as much as you do and we're committed to your success. We closely partner with you to showcase your vision through compelling storytelling and visuals that inspire and engage your audience.

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